Tech Spotlight (HW: 9/11/17)

Amazon is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company. Amazon Prime allows its members to to stream videos, music, and photos, as well as order items off their shopping website with special shipping deals. One can use Amazon Prime through a variety of methods. There are various apps people can download on their phone or other app-using device, or one can use their websites on the internet. After logging into an Amazon Prime account, which costs $99 a year, a person has access to streaming music and videos, and if downloaded, they can access them anywhere. To store data, Amazon uses cloud storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service, or Amazon S3. Amazon S3 can retrieve data from anywhere, and is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability. Amazon S3 can store billions of objects and exabytes of data.

In most recent news, Amazon has been praised for its service, because it provides so much for its members. A recent article on CNET stated, “a Prime membership affords more than just shipping and streaming. A lot more” (2). For example, now Prime members can get discounts at Whole Foods, and restaurant delivery through Amazon Prime is in the making.

Unfortunately, not all recent news is positive. Hurricane Irma is arriving in Florida, and people attempted to have items delivered before the evacuation day, but their packages never arrived. For example, Christine Huyn, a resident of Florida, ordered a portable air conditioner, but it never came. Huyn states, “They [Amazon] gave us a false sense of security" (3).

Amazon Video and Amazon Music replaces older forms of technology, such as DVDs and CDs, because it allows people to stream videos and music from their phones or the internet, instead of relying on hardware devices.

Amazon Prime has had a significant impact on my life. The two day shipping it offers its members permits me to receive items that I need efficiently. I love being able to watch videos and listen to a wide variety of music for an inexpensive cost. For American families, it is expensive to buy videos and music, especially since tastes constantly change. By using Amazon Prime, people can access a huge store of music and videos that is not costly. The download feature Amazon offers allows people to listen to their music and watch videos offline, no Wifi required. Shopping has never been easier with Amazon’s two day shipping for members. There are a wide variety of features Amazon offers, and it continues to grow.

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