Microchipping People Homework Assignment

Three Beneficial Effects of Microchipping

  1. RFID chips can be used to store cards such as cards used to shop, take transportation, and borrow books from the library. By having an implanted RFID chip, people do not have to worry about losing plastic cards, since they will be carrying them at all times
  2. RFID chips would create an ease of identification. RFID chips contain passports, IDs, and driver’s license. Identification would be simple: all one has to do is walk by a reader since the information is implanted.
  3. RFID chips contain one’s medical information. By having one’s medical history on them at all times, medical emergencies would be less of a problem - doctors would know how to act based on the patient’s medical history which can be accessed readily.

Three Harmful Effects of Microchipping

  1. RFID chips could pose a threat to one’s health. With many different forms of identification needed, multiple chips may need to be implanted. The chips do not always stay in the same place, making them difficult to find. Other risk factors include electrical hazards, adverse tissue reactions, infections and incompatibility with medical equipment like MRIs.
  2. RFID chips could potentially limit people’s freedom. The service provider will have access to one’s information, so one would have to be on their best behavior at all times. It may make some actions mandatory, like one may have to pay for items using their RFID chip, or is a requirement for applying to jobs or schools.
  3. RFID chips could also be exploited by hackers. Because RFID chips contain so much personal information, it makes people a target for dangerous people like hackers who want to corrupt this information.

My Thoughts on Microchipping Humans

I personally have not really thought much of microchipping until this assignment. It all seemed rather futuristic, only a concept that appeared in science fiction. I honestly would be uncomfortable if I was microchipped. My concerns are about having my information being exploited by hackers. Losing my identification would be horrific. Also, the health concerns of microchipping are troubling for me, especially because I am frequently concerned for my health. I predict (and hope) that this concept of microchipping does not follow through. I cannot imagine an entire society agreeing to such a risk. Although there are many helpful effects of microchipping, I see more cons than pros of the idea, and do not see them as part of society’s future.


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